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This is mainly intended for Mr. Michael Wong; unfortunately, I have been unable to find his email address and I'm not particularly interested in spending my evening searching for it. Google indicates that he posts to this forum, so I'm hoping this will eventually find him :).

My name is Bryce Lelbach (gmane, linkedin, github). I am an American student and a (juniorish) maintainer of the Boost C++ libraries. Recently, in this thread, it has come to my attention that at least one user of Boost.Serialization (which I work on) develops with IBM's compiler, which does not provide stellar Boost support (Boost regression test results). My understanding is that this level of support is not likely to be improved on the compiler end of things, because Boost.Spirit, a dependency of Boost.Serialization, is not on IBM's list of important Boost libraries to support.

I am willing to put some time into improving this support on Boost's side of things. However, this is hard for me to do without access to IBM's compiler suite. Ideally, access means a legal copy of retail version of AIX, Visual Age (the last release before the switch to XL C/C++) for AIX and Linux, and XL C/C++ (the last stable release and the latest available release) for AIX and Linux. Conservatively, a trial version of Visual Age and XL C/C++ for Linux would be great. In the event that developer documentation for either compiler is not freely available, it would also be beneficial if access to that could be made available to me.

I have been unable to find a trial version of Visual Age (clicking this link from this page does not work on Internet Explorer 8/Windows or w3m/Linux). The XL C/C++ trial claims to be a 60 day trial of the full product; this time restriction would make any effort I put into improving IBM/Boost support pointless, as I would be unable to provide more than 60 days of support.

It is my understanding that IBM's compiler team has expressed an interest in making their compiler available to Boost developers. If this is accurate, I would like to pursue that interest.
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    Re: Support for Boost C++ Libraries

    Hi, thanks for sending this request. I will contact you directly and see what we can do about this offer.
    In fact, after the Boostcon discussion, we have made Boost Serialization and Boost Spirit one of the important libraries, specifically based on feedback from the conference. I will check on our progress, which has been considerable on our internal release, and we can have further discussion on this.

    Thanks again for your interest.