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Pinned topic Migrating Management Console and the back-end db

‏2010-10-29T12:04:45Z |
When migrating the Management Console to a new server, is it possible to migrate the back-end db too, by means of a backup-restore procedure.
I would like to specify the (migrated) copy of the db as the back-end db of the instance of the MC during its installation.
Also, I am going to perform a version upgrade, as the MC version on the old server is 7.002.002, and the version on the new one will be 7.1.1.
Can the db be restoed "as is", or should I perform some additional operation on it (e.g. reformat)?
Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Migrating Management Console and the back-end db

    moving your DB from one machine to another isn't problematic. Your DBA should be able to handle the process, or contact your DB vendor for support.

    Just restore it as is, then do the BF migration process outlined in the docs to bring you up to the 7.1.x schema.