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Pinned topic XL C/C++ for Multicore Acceleration for Linux, V10.1 Eval Signal 11

‏2010-10-26T07:40:45Z |
I just installed V10.1 Eval on a PS3 to for testing purposes and when I try to compile my code (using -O5) I get the following error:

1586-494 (U) INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: Signal 11.

From what I can tell, this issue is addressed in the Dec 2009 patch. However, when I try to install the patch I get the following error:

ERROR: cell-xlc-lic-10.1.0-0 is missing from "./images-ppc/rpms" location. Stage 1 Validating ./images-ppc/rpms/ Directory

This leads me to presume that the evaluation version cannot be patched. Is this presumption correct? Or is there a way to patch the compiler to its most current during the evaluation peiod?

If the evalutation cannot be patched is there any other way to get around the Signal 11 error?

Thanks in advance!