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Pinned topic Sharing workspace between WBM 7.0 Basic & Advanced (trial) supported?

‏2010-10-25T16:15:58Z |
Workspace edited from (1) 7.0 Basic then (2) 7.0 Advanced (trial) then (3) 7.0 Basic. Minimal errors at (1) and (2) but hundreds of new, seemingly invalid errors at (3). Samples below. Seem to be related to Associated Data.

-Repository associated data e.g., "Common Data" not recognized. Can be "fixed" by opening repository, Browse Associated Data, select an associated data object other than "Common Data" hit OK, Browse Associated Data again, choose "Common Data" hit OK, save. Note all (many!) references to such repository now have to be manually “touched” i.e., dummy edit to clear error state
-Organization id and manager are mandatory. Can be “fixed” by adding value to ANY attribute, then removing value, then saving.

Is there a way to trigger a re-verification of the entire model somehow?