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Pinned topic Information Integrator for Content Version 8.4 Fix Pack 1A

‏2010-10-21T13:55:13Z |
I'm trying to install the ECM Services for Lotus Quickr. (Content Manager v8.4 and Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Portal)
I've installed and configured the Information Integrator for Content 111_8400+
I've alse installed the IBM Content Manager Services for Lotus Quickr.
But I can't configure this one. This is the error message that I get:

The installed version of DB2 Information Integrator 

for Content,, is not supported by 

this program.

The Link:infocenter states that IBM Information Integrator for Content Version 8.4 Fix Pack 1A is required,

but I cant't find this fix pack anywhere.

So: Where can I find this fix pack?
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    Re: Information Integrator for Content Version 8.4 Fix Pack 1A

    ‏2010-10-26T01:19:13Z  in response to jrmmaes
    I believe the Information Integrator for Content fix packs are combined into a single fix pack with IBM Content Manager. I believe you should be able to run the IBM Content Manager 8.4 FP1A on the system to update just Information Integrator for Content. For links to download any fix pack, see online support document 7009038.

    Article 7009038 currently (as of 2010/10/25) displays links to download 8.4.0 FP1A, 8.4.1 FP1, 8.4.2 FP1, & 8.4.2. FP2. By the way, you could also upgrade to 8.4.2 for Information Integrator for Content. I believe the server level is backward compatible without requiring your IBM Content Manager server to be upgraded too, but refer to release documentaiton for correct compatibility listing and support.

    Hopefully this helps. Reply back if this doesn't solve your problem.