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Pinned topic BF Manager Console install: Windows or Linux

‏2010-10-20T17:56:21Z |
We are planning to install Build Forge and want to consider the pros/cons of installing on Windows 2003, VMware, and HP-UX Linux. Most of our BF agents will be on Unix/Linux machines.

Any feedback appreciated.

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    Re: BF Manager Console install: Windows or Linux

    the console isn't supported on HP-UX. But I would suggest linux (redhat or sles are supported) over windows.

    Each project that gets executed is an extra process spawned. Windows has much more overhead in process creation that linux. The TCP stack in linux also scales better than our currently supported windows platforms.

    Running inside of VMware is fine as long as your DB Server uses physical disk for storage of it's data files. virtualized IO typically has fewer IO/sec available than physical IO. For this reason, DB files stored on virtual disk usually end up in the DB being IO bound sooner.

    What is your timeframe for installing? is due out soon.