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‏2010-10-19T20:33:58Z |

In the VCE, I imported the generated configuration file to the VCE explorer workspace, the configuration file path gets hardcoded. I generated couple of diagrams to show the dependency across various components.

If I place the workspace file and associated configuration file in a shared location for my teams members to view it, they are getting "error accessing configuration file" message. On review, it was observed that the workspace explorer is looking for the configuration file in their machine, in exact same location as configured in my machine. How do I change the configuation file location to point to its new location.

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    Re: Configuration file location hardcoding

    I was able to change the configuration location in the workspace.

    • open the workspace file (.vce file) in textpad
    • search and replace the path of the configuration files to appropriate path.
    • Save and close the file.

    If you open the workspace through ISA, the new path will be reflected.

    Hope this helps