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Pinned topic How do I update WVS 'hostname' ?

‏2010-10-19T11:41:50Z |
Dear IBM Support,

I have recently moved our WebSphere VoiceServer to a new datacenter.

The new datacenter provided us with a new set of IP's.

The technician at the new datacenter - in the process of configuring the servers to recognize the new IP's - change the hostname of our server.

It is for this reason, I have determined, that our system is no longer functional...

It is my understanding that with WVS you can change the IP of the machine if the hostname remains the same, but you can't if the hostname changes as well (because the install process for WVS and supporting components (WAS and IBM HTTP server) stores the hostname in it's internal tables).

With that in mind, I do not remember the original setting/hostname... and the technician failed to create a backup of the old file. As a result I either need to figure out:

1. How to determine the hostname settings currently known to WVS (if I knew the hostname, I could re-set that to the hostname known bt WVS); OR

2. I need to know how to MANUALLY update the applicable files with the new hostname.

Anyone?! (Re-installing my option of last resort... please let there be an easier way.)

Thank you for any guidance,