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Pinned topic ARFM: what is the difference between queues and seats ?

‏2010-10-13T01:03:49Z |
I have a question about ARFM.
In output of dumpOdrState script, there are descriptions about "seat" as follows,

Concurrency limiter state = {usePowerLimit=false}[{backend: seats=5000, allocThreads=5000.0, usedSeats=185, allocInstances=http://5000.0, usedInstances=185, maxPowerFactors=http://1.0, nomPowerFactors=http://1.0], allocPower=3787.5537, usedPower=185.0, workCredit=0.0, lastUpdateTime=1286537528283, workCreditCap=0.0}
Dispatcher common state = {DP: limitPower=false, everySeatFullPower=true, usingWorkCredit=false, varyThr=true, borrow=false, gwSeatThreshold=1.0, thresholdChangePeriod=1561, lastThresholdChange=1286537734671, nextThresholdChange=1286537736232, lastSetTime=1286537528620, lastQ=0}

I wonder what is the difference between queue and seat.
If these are not same, how these 2 component interact each other?

I can not find explanation about seat, except this...
Migrating the ARFM manual settings file
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    Re: ARFM: what is the difference between queues and seats ?

    A "seat" is a request which the ODR has forwarded to an appserver and is waiting for a response. The queue is of course used to hold on to a request that has been suspended before forwarding it to an appserver. For HTTP or HTTPS, there is a queue for each <cluster,servicePolicy> combination. So in your example, "seats" are the maximum number of requests that can be outstanding to a particular <cluster,servicePolicy> at the same time, and "usedSeats" are the current number of outstanding requests.
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: ARFM: what is the difference between queues and seats ?

    Thank you for quick reply.

    I understand the difference.

    I think the information about this should be documented in InfoCenter.
    If possible, please consider to add the description.