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‏2010-10-12T15:31:57Z |
Very rookie question, We have XL C version 8.0 on our AIX 5.3 servers. Our developers are asking for vacpp C++, does this come bundled with the AIX IBM C compiler or is it a different product? I justed downloaded version 9 and version 11 to start looking at them. (When I run lslpp -l all I find is vac packages, no hits on vacpp). Thanks for your help!
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  • timhahn
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    Re: C or C/C++ ??

    IBM XL C/C++ is the follow-on product to VisualAge C++ - see here: .
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: C or C/C++ ??

    IBM does offer two separate compilers products on AIX. The XL C compiler is C-only, while the XL C/C++ compiler includes both C and C++. The C component is identical between these two offerings.
    The latest version of these compilers is 11.1, featuring POWER7 support.

    You can get information on both these offerings from
    There are try-and-buy packages for both compilers available from this page.
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    Re: C or C/C++ ??

    Thank you for your help! I was able to download a 60 day demo on version 10 C/C++. We have installed it on a server that I did not have a C compiler on it already. The developers are testing it now.
    Thanks again!