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Pinned topic DOORS Integration issue

‏2010-10-07T12:24:44Z |
Hi All,
Could anyone shed any light on this integration issue?

DOORS requirements are imported into TAU 4.3 and UML models withinTAU
are synchronized to DOORS requirements. From DOORS it is possible to
navigate directly to the UML diagram using the 'Open Linked UML Element
in TAU' context menu option.

Within TAU it is possible to navigate from Diagram to imported DOORS
requirement by following outgoing dependency links to imported DOORS
requirements and then to DOORS via DOORS - Locate menu option.

If the DOORS module ID changes within DOORS for any reason ( restore,
installation on new Database etc), it is necessary to update the TAU
imported DOORS module ID via properties. The problem is that the
internal links between the model diagram and imported DOORS module are
then lost and have to be re linked. Is there a means to update the
referenced internal module ID?