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Pinned topic Learning how to program PPU and SPU vectorized code

‏2010-10-05T19:41:31Z |
Let me first state that I am a newbie to vector coding. I have an extensive background in parallel, distributed and cloud processing, but this is the first time I will be generating vectorized code. I know a little bit about the architecture of the Cell BE in that I have a vector processor within the PowerPC on-board and an additional 8 SPEs (SPUs). I've installed SDK v3.1 under Fedora 12 on a PS3, which limits me to 6 SPEs (thanks to the Sony Hypervisor). I have existing "C" (not C++) code that is written for loop processing that I have "converted" into pseudocode in a vectorized structure (ie: I changed the way the application executes from loop based to SIMD vector based). Now, I'm at the point where I need to learn how to launch, when to launch, what vector commands are available, what vectorized libraries are available, etc. I've been ready the Programming Tutorial included in the SDK, which has given me the vector intrinsics for both the PPU and SPE. I have also glanced at the SIMD Math Library API Reference manual. Are these the best documents to learn how to program for the Cell BE?
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