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Pinned topic Quesitions about AIX and HACMP upgrades in powerHA 6.1

‏2010-10-01T14:08:44Z |
In the admin guide for 6.1 on page 402 the section "Upgrading software (AIX and HACMP)

it has two statements that I'm not sure about:

"Use disk update if possible"

Do they mean alt_disk migrations? or something else.

"AIX fixes need to be applied according to the HACMP operations guide:"

Where is the hacmp operations guide located. Couldn't find it anywhere on the site.

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    Re: Quesitions about AIX and HACMP upgrades in powerHA 6.1

    i think you refer to the following page from Infocenter:

    "disk update" simply recommends to ftp the Service Pack image files on a local directory and do a "smit update_all" from there (rather than using other means to install PTFs like exporting them via NFS, using NIM etc.)

    The operations guide is really the Installation Guide:
    specifically starting from here:

    Hope this helps, Claudio.