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‏2010-09-29T18:04:18Z |
I have two Intellistation Z-Pros (6223-42U), that I want to turn into one PC. I added the processor from one to the other and the system will not start up. I've updated the BIOS (1.70A), verified that the processors work by themselves as singles no matter which box they are in, and checked to find that both boxes exhibit the same issue. After adding the second processor and turning it on, the fans kick into high gear and it never shows the Post screen. The machines are 2 numbers apart in the serial number and the processors are sequentially serial numbered.

Is there something I'm missing?
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    Re: Z-Pro trouble

    Ok - furhter looking made me realize that I need a VRM for a second processor (Funny, I didn't even think of it, and have never had that issue with other Z-pros - 6221 series)...So my question continues...

    Can I use the VRM 24R2694 instead of 24R2702 without problems?