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‏2010-09-28T20:33:28Z |
I'm working with Data Studio(stand-alone) Version
When retrieving SQL from a bound package on DB2 V9 zOS, I notice that
the SQL has parameter markers (?) as well as host variables (H) for every host variable found in the SQL statement. For example, the SQL from
the package looks like SELECT COL1, COL2 from table where col1 = ?H

Is this a bug or is there a way to configure this so that the SQL only displays one or the other (parameter marker or host variable). This is causing errors when trying to explain the SQL. I have to manually remove
either the host variable or the parameter marker to get the EXPLAIN to work.
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    Re: Optim Query Tuner parameter marker host variable

    I am so sorry and this is a bug of Data Studio(stand-alone) Version

    Here is a workaround. You can create a filter in the view of "Capture sql for tuning" with your filter conditions, then select your statement that you want to tune( host variable :H should be there) then click "save for tuning" button.

    FYI, here is the steps