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Pinned topic Resource Definition entries retrieved in random order

‏2010-09-26T11:51:14Z |
We have few application programs that INQUIRE all the Files, Programs,Transactions, TDQ's,... defined in the region. I see that when we inquire a file through CECI INQUIRE FILE NEXT they are retrieved in random order unlike in mainframe cics where it is retrieved in the sorted order of logical name. But when we do CEMT IN FILE(*) for example they are listed in the sorted order of the logical entries. Why is there a difference? Is there a way that we can Inquire them in sorted order directly through CECI instead of application program sorting it?
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    Re: Resource Definition entries retrieved in random order

    ‏2010-09-27T05:38:05Z  in response to SystemAdmin

    I dont why this difference. But the behviour in TXSeries is clearly documented as below:
    "The sequence of browsing is strictly undefined, but continued browsing does guarantee to return all the definitions that you are authorized to access."

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      Re: Resource Definition entries retrieved in random order

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      Originally CICS on zSeries used to specify that a browse would return resources in any order - this is the behaviour I used to expect when I learnt to write CICS applications. I have just checked the CICS Programming Reference at and section

      CICS Transaction Server for z/OS, Version 4.1 > The CICS Transaction Server library: HTML > System Programming Reference > Introduction to System Programming commands > Browsing resource definitions


      Generally, CICS returns resource definitions to you in the order it keeps them internally. You cannot control this order, and you should not depend on it always being the same. For a few resource types, however, CICS returns definitions in alphabetic order of resource name. These are:

      * DB2ENTRYs and DB2TRANs
      * Programs, map sets, and partition sets
      * Temporary storage queues
      * Transactions
      * Transaction classes

      For these resources only, you can specify a starting point for the browse with the AT option on the INQUIRE START:

      I suspect CICS TS has changed it's behaviour in recent years, but TXSeries hasn't matched the change.