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Is it possible to initiate automation server remotely or will it only work when run locally? My build server and scanning server are separated due to AppScan not currently being supported on Server 2008. However, both machines have access to the common binaries repository, which will be scanned. So I would like to be able to initiate scanning from my build server, once the automated build is complete.
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    Re: AppScan Source Edition Automation Server

    Automation server is designed to scan from the machine it is installed to, however, in your described situation I think you should be fine. Since you have access to the binaries via a share I would recommend creating a dot net assembly project and point the source root at the shared assemblies. You will need to make sure that the assemblies are built in debug (so that the PDBs will be present) and that you have Visual Studio installed to the automation server machine.

    Hope that helps, let me know if you have other questions.