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Pinned topic Process templates for that other important group - Operations

‏2010-09-21T11:52:20Z |
Hello all,

I have been reading this Forum and the Team Concert forums and there are great solutions for software/hardware development teams. Team Concert has lots of release planning processes for those that do that. This is great for connecting to something like Focal Point to map the portfolio of Engineering and IT-Applications.

However, the other group in Focal Point is IT-Operations (helpdesk, desktop/server support, etc) It seems Operations at my company has Focal Point tracking, but when we drill down to process/release planning and tracking projects, we don't have a solution like the others with RTC.

Anyone have any example of how to implement Operations in RTC or a process (OpenUp, Scrum) to use for them? They have projects that are at most 2 months, and as little as 2 weeks. After that, it just "general maintenance" on groups and not considered a project.

Any help would be appreciated.