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I am working with a group trying to introduce new methodologies to answer software development needs. Before listening to the approach all they want are templates and artifacts. Now in the IBM Resource library I found what appeared to be template.
Can anyone direct me to the templates and an index that tells me when these are applicable for example in the initiation phase of development in the RUP methodlogy are there certain artifacts produced?

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    Re: RUP-templates/artifacts

    ‏2010-09-20T11:50:56Z  in response to BPAG,LLC
    A list of artifacts is available on

    For each artifact, is specifies the discipline, the phase, the responsible role, the composite artifact in which it may be included (if applicable), whether it's a required artifact and whether it's part of the "RUP for small projects" configuration.

    Select "RUP version 7 artifacts" to download RUP7facts.mdb. If you open this file in Microsoft Access, you will see a table of all artifacts. The last column defines in which phase(s) one should deliver the artifact (inception, elaboration, construction, transition), according to RUP. It does not specify for which of these artifacts a template is available, though.

    The list of artifacts is based on RUP 7.0, including the standard plugins (like the SOA plugin), but without the additional plugins (like the user experience plugin).

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck,
    Hans Admiraal.
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      Re: RUP-templates/artifacts

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      That you very much - this was excellent, excellent, excellent!
      They liked that everything was ordered by group etc.

      thanks much