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Pinned topic How to remove or disable Draft Views?

‏2010-09-17T05:01:03Z |
Draft views are not supported for ECM repositories. The options are still available and displays a non helpful warning message. "The requested operation is not supported by this server. Use a different operation."

How can this leaf be disabled for non supported servers?

Is there an option to override these views with custom views like under Shared Views?
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  • smalabarba
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    Re: How to remove or disable Draft Views?

    There isn't, I regret to say, any way to change this. As of Lotus Quickr 8.5 the draft view menu items are hard-coded and can't be hidden. And as of ECM Services 1.1 draft routing is not supported by the repositories, so the best we can do is display the error message.
  • TigerTrix
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    Re: How to remove or disable Draft Views?

    You have a valid point and a good question. I can say that at this time you cannot hide the unsupported draft views. CM8 does actually support one of the 3 draft views, the one to just list your private drafts, but not the views for drafts you submitted or need to approve. I don't believe P8 supports the one draft view for just the private drafts you own at this time, but not due to any technical limitation.

    The draft views you refer to are for draft approval routing, a workflow that applies to drafts for submitting and approving drafts that is a draft-oriented workflow in the Lotus Portal (J2EE) and Lotus Domino repositories. The ECM repositories do not support the draft-oriented workflow because IBM ECM has their own ECM workflow and BPM capabilities. You can still configure CM8 or P8 to run their respective ECM workflow capabilities based on documents created even from Quickr. So this customization would fall on ECM integration, but would also apply to any other repository providing Quickr Services using the published Lotus Quickr service APIs.

    So the first step would be to persue this with the application to offer a choice to hide just the daft views. Right now it offers the choice to hide all views. But you probably just want a checkbox to control which views are shown, drafts, team, & personal. Or with an update to the service API and to be implemented by all repositories supporting the API, a capability detection when you catalog the library and show or hide them accordingly. But the first step would be to persue this kind of customization on the application side. I would direct you to the Lotus Quickr Application-side forum next.