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Pinned topic How to extend Context menu in Lotus Connectors

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How can you add additional options in context menu? Are there macros that will pass object id's to a custom service?
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    Re: How to extend Context menu in Lotus Connectors

    Good question. I don't believe we can answer this in the ECM-side forum which deals more with services & behaviors for the integration with ECM. This is more of an application question for how you can customize things on the application side. I am sure there are others interested in the same question and behavior. Please direct your question to the Lotus Quickr Applications-Side forum, or read into the Lotus application's documentation starting by some links in the Useful Links post in this forum if you need a pointer to Lotus documentation.

    My feeling is that customizing the context menu in the Connectors application probably isn't supported at this time, but you should still direct the question to the application-side forum. You can also persue with your IBM representative to request features in future releases. I think a feature like this might look more like a plugin which could allow some to offer custimized extensions supported by custom services to do anything you might want. I could see a lot of uses for something like that for repository-specific features or advanced ECM features too.

    However, a compromise for now is the "Open in Browser" action that you can in fact configure for both CM8 & P8. It is the one customizeable URL on each item's context menu that can be used to launch any URL-addressable web application to the point configured by the URL. It is indended to open to a page in any more advanced ECM web client, but it can be nearly any URL of your choice using any of the supported variables that can be replaced at runtime for you. For CM8 this is by a urlVierwerService template with a list of supported variables and for P8 it is a plugin for you to write code to generate the URL with some variables as input. Once you land at a page perhaps opening directly to that item, then you can have that application do any action that you want, provided it is supported by that web application. For example, you can have it open to the item in IBM WEBi or a custom web client for CM8, or Workplace, Workplace XT, or a custom client for P8.