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Pinned topic LACP between AIX server and two Cisco Switch

‏2010-09-16T00:38:56Z |
I have some troubles with my new architecture using LACP (802.3ad)
In fact, i have aix5.3 servers with 10/100/1000BaseT NIC's. Each server has 2 NIC's, each NIC is connected to a different Cisco switch 4506. The two cisco switch are interconnected with two fibers.
In the server side, aggegation link was created in 802.3ad mode.
The first problem i have is that ping responses are duplicated (DUP)
The second behavior is where federating websphere nodes, nodes cannot be added, and addnode command take a while time and finish with error. When connecting without LACP, all addnode operation succed.
So, is this an ibm/cisco supported architecture ?
is there any necesssary configuration to do in switch side ?
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    Re: LACP between AIX server and two Cisco Switch

    check if what you try to do is possible. in my understanding an LACP channel is limited to exactly 1 switch.