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Pinned topic issue: NoSuchMethod in Query Filter

‏2010-09-10T11:29:19Z |

I created a model with the name "ObisFilter" and I used Builder "Query Filter" to create a Filter and a Builder reference table(OBISLookup) which will be profiled, provider data(label,value), it works locally fine. but if I installed these portlets on a remote WebSphere Portal Server(linux) by using WAR file, it didn't work, I got an error message:

+Exception Error in method main.
Error in method ObisFilterFormUpdateVariableFromSession.
Error in method ObisFilterFormAddLabelsAndDesc.
Error in method Meters.updateLookupDesc.
Error in method OBISLookupToLabel.
Error in method OBISLookupGetXmlData.
Method OBISLookupGetXmlData() or OBISLookupGetXmlData(com.bowstreet.webapp.engine.WebAppAccessImpl)
not found in class genjava.portlets.dashboard._ObisFilter.+

I checked the code which generated by WPF and didn't find this method "OBISLookupGetXmlData" in

How can I fix it?
please help me on this

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    Re: issue: NoSuchMethod in Query Filter

    Query Filter is a Dashboard builder, so you'll probably get a better response if you post in that forum. I don't know much about how Query Filter works, but it looks to me like one or more builders in the model may not be completing regen correctly so the OBISLookupGetXmlData method is missing.