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Pinned topic Problem with csmsetupinstall and new subnet

‏2010-09-09T02:47:16Z |
My cluster (CSM, RHEL5.4) has been running with a single subnet - During the weekend, we added another subnet ( The CSM master has interfaces on both subnets. Today I did a csmsetupinstall on a node that has been on the subnet all along. Linux installed properly and the node knew its correct IP address, but its gateway was set to (which is the correct gateway for the 158 subnet). It should have been set to I ran csmsetupinstall with the -v option, and found a line where it said:
Running Command: /opt/csm/csmbin/makedhcp -v Gateway= Nameservers=, Netmask= 2>&1

All the information there appears to be correct except for the Gateway. Am I doing something wrong here?