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I'm new to GPFS, and a co-worker suggested that GPFS could be run on discreet disks (that appear to be the same disk, as if it were a shared LUN). He hasn't done this, just theorizing. The only way I've seen to do this is via replication or primary/backup configurations. Am I missing something? Right now we have shared LUNs (same physical volume attached to multiple partitions) that are managed by GPFS. But we want to look into using GPFS for disaster recovery. Is replication the best way to do this? Or is my co-worker correct in that there is another way to use discreet disks with GPFS.

Thanks for your help!!
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    Re: GPFS disk configuration

    Chapter 4 of the GPFS Advanced Administration Guide talks about several modes of disaster recovery implementations using GPFS. GPFS replication is one of those, or a solution using some form of hardware mirroring, which I interpret is what you mean by "discreet disks" as well.

    There's also a better forum in which to ask this kind of question, dedicated to GPFS.