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Pinned topic Problems saving changes on monitor 7 dashboards

‏2010-09-08T16:38:56Z |
Hi, I think this is the best forum to post this question.

I'm using Websphere business monitor 7 (with fix pack 11 installed) and I'm having problems when I edit a page in the Business Spaces dashboard.

What I have is a dimension in my monitoring context and I am trying to render a graph in the dashboard using that monitoring context, but when I save the changes I did in the graph and I log out/log in from the dashboard the graph is the same as the beginning (I imported previously a business space from a monitor 6.2 dashboard). When I click on the "save format" button an AJAX request is send to server and I get a response (seems to be JSON based information) but nothing else happens.

Do anyone know what could be wrong?