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Pinned topic Error got when install IVM LPAR from virtual CD-ROM

‏2010-09-06T07:01:03Z |
When I selected boot from the virtual CD-ROM, got the below error. Any one knows the solution to fix it?

Detected bad memory access to address: ffffffffffffffff
Package path = /packages/boot-mgrDEFAULT CATCH!, exception-handler=fff00300
at %SRR0: 0000000000c40e98 %SRR1: 800000000000b002
Call History

find-method - c48ba0
(poplocals) - c3c9e8
$call-method - c48c54
(poplocals) - c3c9e8
catch - c3aff0
of-dsi-catcher - c511e8
(poplocals) - c3c9e8
@ - c3e530
close-package - c5b370
(poplocals) - c3c9e8