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We generally have a requirment always to find a way to capture some technical requirements for choosing a COTS product. Is there a suggested way to go about this task ? It could be a special RUP artifact but an agile way of doing this is preferred to the former.

We could write code tests but this is a very preliminary stage. We are evaluating COTS products.

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    Re: Capturing Technical Requirements

    Requirements for a COTS product can be captured as functional (use cases for example) and non-functional (also called system-wide or supplementary requirements). However, more typically one performs a type of gap analysis, where you specify what it is you would like the COTS product to do, and you choose the one that is the closest fit. You might weight each "requirement" and calculate a weighted score for each COTS product.
    In any case, there is a COTS plug-in to RUP which can be downloaded here:

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