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Pinned topic need help to Convert one xml form to another xml form

‏2010-08-30T12:42:12Z |
Hi experts,

I am developing a web project in jsp. In which, I need to call api such as youtube api to search youtube via my website. If I request the youtube api, they will send back the response in XML format in their own xml tags. But I want to convert their xml tags to my own xml tags. Because, in future, I am going to use some other api's and the api's return their own xml format response. In order for my convenience, I want to convert their xml to another xml with my own tag elements which will support all the api's I used.

What is the technology I have to use for this???
Or any other software is there for this?

any help or advice will be appreciated..

thakns and regards,
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    Re: need help to Convert one xml form to another xml form



                I have an answer for this problem, we can very easily convert one xml to another. There are multiple ways of doing this, but I can suggest something I have developed myself, if interested please reply.