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Pinned topic Need descriptive message of SPSS Error

‏2009-10-01T17:17:21Z |
Hi My Company is not having licence for all the plug ins of SPSS software.
I tried to run the correspondence analysis from spss I got the below message

match files /file=*
 /keep = rowcat_  att1 att2 att3 att4 att5 att6 att7 att8 att9 att10 att11 att12 att13 att14 att15 att16 att17 att18 att19 att20 att
   21 att22  att23 att24 att25 att26 att27 att28 att29 att30 att31 att32 att33 att34 att35  att36 att37 att38 att39 att40
att41 att42 att43 att44 att45 att46 att47 att48.
>Error # 7037
>There is no license for SPSS Categories.
>This command not executed.
>Specific symptom number: 18
 /TABLE=ALL (3, 48)

I am using SPSS 17
I am executing the same code from .net application. I am geeting the error message "SpssException is thrown. Error code equals to 3, Serious error.".

I need to catch the exception and show the correct message to the user like "You don't have licence for categories plug in".

Is there a way to catch the exception which gives the correct message.
I tried with "SPSS.BackendAPI.Controller.ErrorCode.SpssException"

but unable to get the descriptive message.


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    Need descriptive message of SPSS Error

    There is no direct way to get the descriptive text associated with the error. The API GetLastErrorMessage, in the Processor class, will tell you the level of the last error but does not provide the detailed description.

    You can certainly use a Try / Catch / End Try construct, however, to catch the exception.

    One approach to getting the detailed error information is to use OMS to direct the output to the XML workspace, and then use XPath to retrieve the results, but you'll get the full description just as it appears in the Viewer in SPSS. If you're interested in this approach, I would be happy to provide additional details. Just post a response here asking for more info.