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Pinned topic How to close Modal dialog box and refresh parent window in Lotus Notes?

‏2010-08-26T13:40:28Z |
Hello All,

I am facing this problem and its becoming a night mare for me, please help me.....

I have a main form in lotus notes. On a radio button, I am openning a modal dialog box, and then in this modal dialogbox i am entering comments and saving the document by running an agent. Now my problem is as i click the "save" button the modal window should get closed(as i am calling the Agent on Web query save the document is geeting saved) and the underling window should get refreshed.

But window.close or window.openner.close etc all these functions are not working..

please help me.

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    Re: How to close Modal dialog box and refresh parent window in Lotus Notes?

    ‏2011-10-11T07:29:47Z  in response to SwaroopaScreenN

    I'm just curious, I know this is an old post, but is lotus notes really useful?
    Companies offer webmail, many for free.
    What are the benefits of Lotus Notes that could convince me to use custom solution like that?

    I don't mean to sound sarcastic? I'm really just curious.
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