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‏2010-08-23T15:40:47Z |
I have a question about FP for JPA 2.0.

What is the most practical way to develop JPA 2.0 application? It seems there are no detailed information about development tools in InfoCenter.
I want to try JPA 2.0 IBM extensional function.

Option 1) Use RAD 7.5.

My favorite is RAD, but it seems RAD 7.5 does not support JPA 2.0.
(refer to this thread "changing the jpa version"[1]).
What should I do when I choose this option? Just add the JPA 2.0 jar file into the build path and install FP for JPA to test server?

Option 2) Use RAD 8
I think RAD 8 Open beta is available and it supports JPA 2.0 ( is this right? ). This option seems good but it's still beta...

Option 3) Use other IDE
I think Dali provide useful function to develop JPA application, but is Dali supports JPA 2.0 or not?
Or, are there any useful development tool which supports JPA 2.0?

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    Re: JPA 2.0 Development Tool

    Hi eb82649,
    The official tooling story for the OSGi/JPA 2.0 FeP was RAD 8 Beta. Now that RAD 8 has officially been announced [1], I would recommend using the RAD 8 GA.

    None of the JPA 2.0 APIs are known to the RAD 7.5 versions. I've heard you can update the jars that are used in order to support the updated JPA 2.0 APIs. But, you won't get any of the wizard updates and integrated test environment that make development with a new API much easier.

    Some of the RAD tooling is based on the Dali deliverable, so that would be another alternative. But, here again, you wouldn't have the integrated tooling story that you are looking for.

    I'd stick with RAD 8.