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Pinned topic Tivoli Storage Mangr on Power Linux XL C++ Runtime requirement

‏2010-08-16T22:14:16Z |
Sorry to have to ask you this but I am striking out with other avenues.

TSM 6.1 has this requirement for running in Linux on Power:

•Minimum C++ runtime level with the xlC

To download the XL C++ runtime, go to this Web site: For more details about this system requirement, you can check the following Web site:

If I go to the download mentioned, it wants me to buy the full compiler software. Does anyone know if I can just download the runtime without needing to purchase the compiler? We are not trying to get around purchasing if we need to, but other IBM software let's you just get the runtime for free if that's all you need and I want to make sure that we need to purchase it before we spend the dough. If you go to the 2nd link it tells you it's because of the DB2 thats built into TSM now that it has this requirement.

Sorry for the dumb question but I see some references on the internet of people loading the runtime seperatly.
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