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Pinned topic Getting "cannot convert int to FILE *" error message

‏2010-05-09T06:05:16Z |

Hi All,

I am getting the following error message while running the below given code snippet with xlC v8 compiler on AIX 5.3.

Error: Cannot convert int to FILE *


using namespace std;
int main()
int fdd;
ofstream ofs;
if(fdd == -1 )
cout<<"failed";<br />
return 0;
The same code works with non-standard headers fstream.h and iostream.h but with standard headers it is not working. Does anybody has any idea how to resolve this error with standard headers?
Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Getting "cannot convert int to FILE *" error message


    It seems that fstream is defines fdd() to return FILE * type that gets picked up from yvals.h where _Filet is defined as FILE.
    I think using fstream.h and iostream.h is the best alternative as I checked this in version 10.1 of XLC compiler.