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‏2010-05-14T07:10:11Z |

I have a question on how RDz support remote content assist when the user writes a C applications on MVS ?
In my case, the C editor does not support remote content assist feature ,
Is there any special steps to include path of user header files ?
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    Re: Remote Content Assist on RDz

    You may wish to ask your question here:
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    Re: Remote Content Assist on RDz


    I don't know if remote content assist is supported for MVS projects, but if you have a USS project, then the following works.
    Access the Preferences screen (Window->Preferences).
    Go to z/OS Solutions->z/OS UNIX Subprojects->Target Environments->Build Options. To add include paths, simply modify the Include path under the Remote compile tab. You can specify datasets or HFS directories in the include path. The RDz integrated Help has more information on this. (do a search for "include path")