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Hi All,
Could you tell me how to resolve this issue. I am getting this error when I am running my application with default Profile.
Index Count Time of last Occurrence Exception SourceId ProbeId
1 1 11/10/08 11:03:20:780 EST org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.commonarchivecore.internal.exception.ArchiveWrappedException 256
2 1 11/10/08 11:03:16:968 EST java.lang.IllegalArgumentException 470
3 1 11/10/08 11:08:42:468 EST java.lang.IllegalStateException 448
4 4 11/10/08 11:21:05:562 EST 60
5 4 11/10/08 11:21:05:530 EST 60
6 2 11/10/08 11:21:02:593 EST java.lang.Exception 96
7 17 11/10/08 11:21:05:577 EST 190
8 2 11/10/08 11:20:58:983 EST 223
9 6 11/10/08 11:03:27:671 EST javax.naming.NameNotFoundException 1133


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    Re: AdminException error

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    This sometimes happens if you delete a project from your workspace, but do not first delete it from your server.
    If this is not the case, then you need to submit a problem report (PMR) through your normal IBM support channels. One way (probably the easiest way) to submit a problem report, is to go to the web site:

    Then open the Support and downloads menu. Then the Open a service request option and follow the prompts.
    When you submit the problem report, you can help expedite things if you include as much information as possible about your environment. For example:

    • What release of Rational Business Developer? Any fix tests?
    • What version of WebSphere Application Server? Any fix tests?
    • Is the problem occurring when using debug or when trying to run the application?
    • If it is occurring a runtime, what platform is WAS running on?
    • Are you using Portal?
    • and so on.... whatever helps describe your specific environment?