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Pinned topic Error Handler from Data Service Provider to Service Consumer

‏2010-08-06T15:19:48Z |
I am trying to write an error handler to catch an error thrown by the service provider when there is a DB error, such as constraint violation, etc.

Now, I can trap the error easy enough, and I can even forward on to a new page. What i would like to do is catch the error and then forward the user back to the original page (a data entry form) so it seems seemless to the user. The idea being that if they entered in a bad value, which violated a unique constraint in the DB, I would like to catch that and return them to the form, with their data still there and tell them this value must be unique.

So my two problems:
1) How can I catch the error thrown by the DB Service Provider and display that error message.
2) I believe I am not configuring the catch portion of the Error Handler builder correct. I have tried forwarding to a page and an action list, but I am never able to get the actual error message in either one.

Any help, or examples would be greatly appreciated.