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‏2010-07-31T14:12:46Z |
I checked in IBM Site and found that TEST 000-833 is the one to start off with towards UML Certification. I have few questions to which I can not find an answer. I hope someone will be kind enough to clarify me.

1. How long is the certification valid for? I know whenever a new version comes out I need certify that but I am just wondering are there any other restrictions like I need to upgrade my certification once in every 3 or 5 years or something like that?
2. I live in India and I can not afford to attend all the recommended courses for this 833 exam. My company is not sponsoring either. So, are there any books that I can buy and read on my own?
3. How is this 833 different from OMG's UML Certification? Leave out the brand name and other factors. I am interested more about the course contents in both these exams. How different are they? My aim is not just to memorize or understand the UML terminologies but also to know how to implement them.

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    Re: UML Certification Questions


    The link below provides information on the IBM Certification program:

    There is contact information in the above link to help answer any questions.