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‏2010-07-31T06:24:43Z |
This forum is to discuss defects, questions, and suggestions to the Hung Thread Interrupter for WAS.

Tatsushi Inagaki
IBM Research - Tokyo
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  • RicoJ
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    Re: Welcome to this forum

    Hi Tatsushi,

    What is the "Hung Thread Interrupter for WAS?" Is this an add-on to WAS or a built-in feature? There does not seem to be any mention of this except for this forum.
  • JayLang
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    Re: Welcome to this forum

    I have this installed on z/OS in WAS StandAlone server. Wrote 2 applications to detects them both, but does not terminate the servant still abends after the timeout. I thought that this would terminate the thread and thus the servlet or process?

    Jay Lang.
  • Dheena
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    Re: Welcome to this forum


    Hi Tatsushi,

    I have been trying to install IBM HTI in our network but after installing server is not getting started. I had to uninstall HTI to make the server to start again.

    Please help with this.

    Initially i tried intalling HTI with the server stopped and started the server, it was working fine, after server restart, the server was not coming up. Then i unistalled it and installed it again but now with the server running as mentioned in the doc. Again server was not getting started when trying to restart.

    IBM WAS :

    ASM: 5.0.3


    JRE 1.6