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Welcome to the IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizers forum, part of the IBM developerWorks community. Ask questions. Share information. Exchange ideas. We want to make it possible for you to connect to other users.

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We ask that you post in English, to give maximum audience to your questions and to enable others to benefit from your replies. If asking for help, please also mention the version number of CPLEX that you are using, which modeling or programming interface (e.g. OPL, Concert, Callable Library), and the language (e.g. Java, C#, C++) you are using, unless the context is already clear from your question.

If your question pertains more to the aspects of using the OPL modeling language, than to the solution technologies in the CPLEX Optimizers, we mention that there is also a forum for OPL at

The top level for all of the IBM ILOG Optimization forums may be found at:

In addition to this forum, there are a number of public resources available to CPLEX users. Notably, product FAQs for CPLEX are available at: The support site requires a valid support login under a support contract. We encourage you to review these FAQs as, chances are, other users have posed similar questions.

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