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Pinned topic Database qualifier in SQL builder

‏2010-07-21T12:57:40Z |
We are using sql call builder in which queries dont use namespace. backend is DB2.

on application server, we had configure "currentSchema". but it seem queires in sql call builde still uses user id as databse qualifier.

I want queirs in sql builder to use currentSchema property set on application server.

Can someone suggeest how to proceed on it?
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    Re: Database qualifier in SQL builder

    ‏2010-09-28T13:12:12Z  in response to deepak_csc_india
    SQL Call doesn't set the CURRENT SCHEMA for a connection; it should be using whatever is set as the prevailing CURRENT SCHEMA for the connection it gets from the pool. Make sure the connection pool for the datasource is setting CURRENT SCHEMA when connections are first created. It is possible that something may be changing the CURRENT SCHEMA setting after connection are created, but it's not SQL Call; that builder only executes the SQL you provide in the Statement input.