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Pinned topic OPTIM z/OS licensing problems with 2 CPU's in SYSPLEX and Datasharing

‏2010-07-21T10:21:52Z |
Our current version is OPTIM V551 Build AC55104.

I have the following problem. We have 2 CPU's in a SYSPLEX environment with a DB2 datasharing group with 2 DB2 subsystems and both share the same LOADLIB of OPTIM software.

When I activate the password for one CPU and I access OPTIM via the other CPU on the same DB2 datasharing group the following warning message appears on the main OPTIM MENU but the software still works, the same warning message appears in the batch executions as well:
Princeton Softech's Optim

0 OPTIONS - Site and User Options SQLID ===> DB2SADM
1 BROWSE TABLE - Browse a DB2 Table SUBSYS ===> DGM0
2 EDIT TABLE - Edit a DB2 Table LOCATION ===>
3 BROWSE USING AD - Browse DB2 Tables Using Access Definition
4 EDIT USING AD - Edit DB2 Tables Using Access Definition
5 ADS - Create or Modify Access Definitions
6 DEFINITIONS - Maintain PST Definitions (Keys, Maps, ...)
7 MIGRATION - Data Migration - Extract, Insert, Update, ...
8 COMPARE - Compare Two Sets of Data
9 ARCHIVE - Archive and Restore Data
T TUTORIAL - Information About Princeton Softech's Optim
C CHANGES - Changes from Prior Release(s)
X EXIT - Terminate Product Use
P LICENSING - Product Licensing Modification

Copyright 2007 - Princeton Softech, Inc. All Rights Reserved
======> e *** Optim is not licensed for this processor *** e

I checked the OPTIM manuals and I can't find any info related to this kind of setup. When If I go to the other CPU and place it's password it becomes okay, but if I access OPTIM via the other CPU that was working previously, it gives the same warning message that this processor is not licensed. Do I have to replicate the ISPLLIB's for either CPU just because of this ?

So how can I have 2 active passwords (one for each CPU) sharing the same ISPLLIB across both CPU's ??

Thanks in anticipation for the help that will be given.
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    Re: OPTIM z/OS licensing problems with 2 CPU's in SYSPLEX and Datasharing

    Is this still an issue for you or has this problem been solved in the meantime?