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Pinned topic Can't create projects with users that have administrator powers - DS 81

‏2010-07-20T16:45:51Z |
Hello guys, I'm having some problems when i need to create new projects on DataStage 8.1.

When i try to create a new project with an user thats have administrator powers on DataStage but this user don't have administrator powers on Server this error happens: "DSR.ADMIN:Error creating DR elements, Error was log4j:ERROR setFile(null, true)call failed"

So,I can only create new projects with a user who is administrator of the server and DataStage.

I already know about the user's home folder, but the only user thats have this folder is the admin of the server.

So, I'm wondering if I'll only be able to create projects with the user is administrator of the server or what could be my problem with users thats only have admin power of DS?