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‏2010-07-12T21:16:22Z |
Anybody tried the HTTP Import binding in WID7 calling the MapQuest Geocode Service or any other HTTP URL's ,i have a HTTP Import Service which works fine in WID6.1.2,this uses the HTTPStreamDataBindingXML format.

If i import the same Project Interchange in WID7 and use the same old HTTPStreamDataBindingXML(this is deprecated in WID7) it throws NULL pointer exception which goes like this

An error occurred while parsing native data: The error message is: java.lang.NullPointerException.
Caused By: java.lang.NullPointerException


I changed the HTTPStreamDataBindingXML into UTF8XMLDataHandler binding(recommended binding in WID7),doesn't seem to work either,throws the same null pointer exception.

Anybody had similar issues,any pointers.

Please Note:
There is no problem with Map Quest GeoCode Service since it works in the browser as well using SOAP UI. Following is the URL for Geo Code service URL.

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    Re: reg:HTTP Import Binding in WID7 Issue


    Even i am facing the same issue. Any help is greatly appreciated