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Pinned topic Should the Connector be close to the data?

‏2010-07-12T14:16:18Z |
Greetings. I am looking for "general, lessons learned" performance guidelines. Let's say we are running IICE/ICI in North Carolina and the new repository (i.e. CM) we are configuring access to resides in California. Providing all network issues have been set up, is it better performance to: (a) Run the CM connector in my N.C. IICE appserver JVMs and access the repository, or (b) Define the CM connector as an RMI and run the RMI connector on, or near, the California CM repository server.
Things to consider will be: chatter between IICE and the connector; chatter between the connector and the repository.

Thank you.
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    Re: Should the Connector be close to the data?

    Hi Jeff,

    It is almost definitely better to use an RMI Bridge, and to keep it close to the actual repository. Most connectors are pretty chatty with the backend repo, so you want to minimize the network lag for those interactions.