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Pinned topic How to install this Feature Pack on Windows/Linux?

‏2010-07-09T19:39:12Z |
Step 1: go to the beta web site
From the beta web site: IBM WebSphere Application Server V7 Feature Pack for Modern Batch Beta
Step 2: get the QuickStart guide
On the education tab, choose the library page link and then the download the beta documentation link to get to the library and the getting started guide.
Extract or unzip the BAT_WAS_Readme and open up the QuickStart.html or the QuickStart.pdf file.
from within the quickstart:
The following section explains each step in more detail:

Install the beta product

You must first install the beta code in order to use it. Sure, this is obvious. This is feature-pack beta, so you install it over top of an existing WebSphere Application Server installation.

Important: The beta does not support uninstallation, so we recommend that you create a new WebSphere Application Server installation image to use with this beta so you can remove it when you are done with the beta.

The installation instructions for distributed operating systems and z/OS are a little different, so follow the instructions that match your system:
Step 3: Begin the process of installing the feature pack
Click the link: Installing and uninstalling the feature pack on distributed operating systems

There is a detailed list of instructions and notes within the link above. I will summarize the process on installing the feature pack here, however, be sure to use the documentation.

Summary for a GUI based install
a) use an existing WAS 7 installation either Single Server or Network Deployment
b) update the WAS 7 cell using the update installer tool to the prereq'd level of code. This step is important, if your cell has not been imported into update installer you may not be able to install the feature pack.
c) install the installation manager
d) import the cell into the installation manager tool
e) in the installation manager tool take a look at file -> preferences to see the list repositories your installation manager uses to search for install packages
f) choose the install button from the installation manager tool and choose the feature pack for modern batch from the list of available packages

There are many more details in the documentation, be sure to only use this post as a means of finding the appropriate documentation with the full details.