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Pinned topic Tivoli Identity manager 5.1 "Identity Policy - create user"

‏2010-07-07T23:26:49Z |
Hi All

We have modified the standard Identity policy and for the most part it works perfectly.
We are using a modified person form to create the record.

When we create a user that already exists as a "person record" (we are checking UID) it fails(Which is what we want)but we get a built in error message called "An error has occurred if the problem persists contact your system administrator". (NOTE: We don't want to add a numerically number to UID if it exists.)
What we want is when you click submit when creating a new person that it fails if the "UID" already exists(Which we have working)and displays a message on the screen saying "UID already exists" or similar.

Any ideas?

This is what we have modified within the standard identity policy believing it would set and display our error message:

tf = IdentityPolicy.userIDExists(baseidentity, true, false);
if (!tf) {
return baseidentity;
} else {
error.setMessage("ID not unique");
return error;
return createIdentity();
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