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‏2010-07-07T16:35:13Z |
Dear All;
I have installed Portal 7.0 on WAS 7.0 on Linus SUSE and entered the following Network congiguration:

dynamic DHCP
Hostname: ExpressBeta
Domain name:

So after i have configured the WEbsphere with theses settings it has been configured successfully also i have received this Report:

portal.url = http://ExpressBeta:10039/wps/portal

but when i double click the firststeps icon in portal it gave me a webpage with three links the first link handles the starting the portal server/IDE when i clicked it it gave me that the server was not found,where i have checked that both the was and portal server in startserver.log i have found that they are already started so what was the missed part in this scenario for loading the portal IDE????
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    Re: Plz Help!!!!!!


    Thank you for downloading and using our VMWare beta image. I have made our test team aware of your problem. They are going to try to reproduce it.

    Any additional information you could provide would be helpful.

    Depending on what the test team finds, I hope to post a response tomorrow.

    Thank you,
    Karen Campbell
    WebSphere Portal Project Manager