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Pinned topic Question : WBM : Update element imported from WSDL

‏2010-07-06T12:50:26Z |
As we know we can import WSDLs in WSM and can use my elements as Business items/services. Now if WSDL gets updated for any project, then new WSDL can again be imported in WBM, where it will give as option of Overwrite existing elements.

Now my question is, Once you import WSDL in WBM, all the elements are imported as Read Only. Now is it possible to make these fields/elements updateble, so as soon as project comes we have the model, and we know that a new operation/field has to be added. So we can add these in my imported WSDL, and can use my business model (with updated field) in other downstrem supported websphere/rational tools.

How can it be achieved? change Imported readonly fields to updateble field!!!!

Help Appreciated.
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    Re: Question : WBM : Update element imported from WSDL

    Would you really want to make changes to the WSDL in WebSphere Business Modeler? If something has changed in the WSDL, you would have to make a matching change. It would be easy to miss an update or make a mistake that leaves you with an incompatible WSDL. It would seem to be a better idea to maintain the WSDL elsewhere, then import the updated version into Modeler.

    I would think that the right place to update WSDLs would be in your I/T development tools, rather than in the tool used by the business analyst.