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‏2010-07-05T10:11:47Z |
I need some help to resolve the issue please provide me some relevant solution. I am doing the up gradation for client from the existing Image Services system to new Image Services system. So up gradation includes Hardware and platform change.

I am not able to find specific procedure to export and import the data from one system to new system only document which is available is on up gradation HP-UX on HP 9000 Servers and HP Integrity Servers.

Hardware/OS: HP- UX 11 to IBM AIX 6.1

Image Services: 4.0.4 to 4.1.2

Database: Oracle 9i to Oracle 11g


Success: I have successfully done the migration of all the documents from old system to new system and we are able to access the documents from the new IS system but the internally IS system is reassign the Image services document id whereas we want to use the original doc_id.

Issue: For migrating the existing data from current system to new system I have copied the MSAR Surfaces from old system to new system and then incorporated these MSAR in to new IS system successfully after that I imported all the documents from the surfaces to the new IS system but the system has reassigned new Image services document ID to all the documents. But the requirement is to retain the same Image Services document IDs as per the application.
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    Hey Amit,

    Did you install a clean database and incorporate the MSAR or did you export the indexdb to the new database and then perform an upgrade? Please advise.